Shoe to the wealth of scientific and technological components to make clever model

 HC shoes Network May possibly 11 hearing,isabel marant sneakers the twelfth Jinjiang China Worldwide Footwear Fair on April 19 opening from the city in the Usa flag. Fair like a bright spot shoes?? Shoe Museum scientific and technological achievements, witnessed the Jinjiang Footwear Sector Development. Museum of Science and Technological innovation Achievements for this year is still superb, but contrary to previous years, the scientific and technological achievements hall specially create "a measurement on the shoe box"?? Patent Working experience, "technology element" of inclusion, to improve the area of footwear capability of independent innovation, market Sports activities footwear Industry transformation and upgrading into a new vitality. 

Footwear marketplace currently there's a critical homogeneity, the public Shoe You copied me, and my impression of you, bring about the market condition is worsening. "Heart-one heel hook," the owner of the franchise, Zhejiang Province, Zhang town that signifies Kang Footwear Holdings Limited production distribution of girls Leather footwear Against its own reputable rights, shoes production companies and sales on the product mall to court. Competition in the industry's crowded, there are actually shoe enterprises are beginning to comprehend the significance of patents, and only genuinely have developed their own production abilities along with a amount of sensible patent, nearly all enterprises may be distinguished from homogeneous competitors . Given that 1995, Nike Out 50 million U.S. dollars annually as a technology R & D and product development costs, from the bio-mechanics, engineering, industrial design, chemistry, physiology, and other point of view on the solution. 

Li Ning Also followed by Portland in the United states,isabel marant baskets Hong Kong, Beijing and other places R & D centers. Chinese footwear enterprises could be seen starting to focus on R & D and innovation. Competitors is the core of modern enterprise technologies, competitors, innovation can only rely on science and technologies allow enterprises to constantly upgrade. To enterprises can continue to grow to be from their very own efforts, the most effective is innovation. Although in the context of economic crisis, but the more the face of adverse situations, the more necessary to intensify scientific and technological innovation. Our threshold for enterprises to enter global markets, to help leverage technologies, which is to enhance the competitiveness from the most effective way. Strengthen the added value of products to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. 

Quanzhou shoe introduction of the "robot" automation "Robot footwear is no longer a dream!" Recently, the reporter saw a well-known shoe company, a shoe assembly line robot is operating. The company official said, Quanzhou Textile Footwear and apparel sector, the quality and make improvements to production processes is accelerating the introduction of "robot" type of fully automated production line will provide technical support. Higher labor costs from the backdrop,isabel marant boots Quanzhou multiple market is gradually changing the growth mode, to update equipment, increase production efficiency, from a labor-intensive to technology-intensive. The introduction of new automation concepts, high-precision industrial applications, "robot", in footwear processes to achieve the end spray glue, spray adhesive surface and pressing a series of processes automation. 

Many people while in the business anticipated, automated production within the next few many years will be the highlight from the footwear market. Settled Wenzhou footwear technology laboratory "Wenzhou shoes and Technologies Laboratory," High-tech Industrial Park in Wenzhou completed, Wenzhou shoe enterprises will usher in the professional support and assistance to help out scientific research institutions. The current research laboratory space of 1500 square meters, 38 scientists from the Exhibition Hall, footwear technologies, personalized footwear R & D Center, footwear products, test room and other components. 

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